Donate for Helvin Care Program

Our plan of action to solve the biggest issue we will ever face.

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Every penny donated will go to our project, 100% uncut.

We will solve the problem of air pollution and trash in the sea together with you. Our program will teach people how to teach others how to teach others about how to save our planet. We don't believe in a world of pollution and environmental problems.

"Teach a man how to fish and he can feed his family, teach him to teach others to fish and he can feed his village. Teach a man to teach others how to teach fishing and he can feed the whole world."

What we need

  1. We need to share the message across the globe and educate people and raise a capital to scale and gather more information.
  2. Create an easy to follow step by step guide that everyone can follow to make a difference.
  3. Reach out to big influencers and media to get our word public.

How we will do it

  1. Gather people into a Facebook page where we will share our message and progress.
  2. Create a step by step program with the help of knowledgable people.
  3. Allow people to donate money and we at Helvin will also donate a minimum of 20% of our profits.
  4. The brand Helvin will also open up other companies. Every Helvin company will donate a minimum of 20% of its profits. 
  5. Call and email big leaders in both politics and corporations to spread the message and collect donations.

Donate any amount you want. Every penny helps and we are very grateful for it!