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Every day, you and millions of others share your own content on social media. Content that you've spent time and effort creating, curating and perfecting, and that benefits the brands that you love...just like ours.

We've decided that we'd much rather spend our marketing budget on you, than on a faceless advertising company, so we created this page to reward you for your social media activity.

Pick a reward from the list on the right and submit your link(s). We can't wait to see what you create and show you how much we value your contribution!

Post a picture of your Helvin watch on Instagram and use the hashtag #helvinwatches

Get a chance to win 100$ cash. Bonus! We will also give you a 15% discount for your friends and family. Also your picture could be featured if our daily Instagram feed. Thank you and good luck everyone! Best regards, Elias and Emil, Co-Founders

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