About Helvin Watches


"Helvin watches is built around quality, affordable wow-factor designed watches providing the freedom to look great with any outfit"



It all began in late summer of 2016.  The two future co-founders Elias and his friend Emil sat down an afternoon talking about the future. Their passion for watches were in conflict with the market that already existed. The combination of quality and minimalistic design for a reasonable price was not something they could find.
Being born with a muscular disease, Emil understood that while the world might not always be fair, it was his obligation as a human being to make it as good as he could. Elias shared his view and had the determination to make it a reality. Since long back the watch has been something that people wear more as a symbol of status. Today it has become an accessory for your daily outfit. That was the beginning of Helvin Watches, affordable great looking minimalistic quality watches. 
Emil Levin  Elias Helander

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