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A review of The Dark Knot

December 25, 2016

 The Dark Knot

Have you ever wondered which tie to use with what outfit? Look no further, The Dark Knot is here! The question is, does the quality hold up to its promise?

My first impression

When I first received the package I was pleasantly surprised. The box that surrounded the tie was sleek and well designed. The black color of the box, combined with the slightly white logo, gave me an impression of masculinity with a touch of elegance. 

Now on to the ties themselves. Since they are constructed out of silk with an interlining that consists of a double layer of wool and cotton, you can immediately feel the smoothness and the quality that comes with them.  I usually don’t go for babyblue colored ties, but when my eyes first glanced at the ‘’Brookline Plaid Silk Tie’’ I knew I made a good choice.

What's in it for you?

The Dark Knot offers a large variety of ties and they are sold in three different price-categories. At the price of USD $55 / $69 / $85 I would say they are fairly affordable given the quality of the ties, and also the service that comes with them. This is where we come to the major thing I enjoy about The Dark Knot, what makes them more than just a standard tie/accessories business. With every single tie, pocket square or whatever you decide to buy, you get a card showing you how to use the specific product and what to wear it with. I find this extremely useful. Although I like to experiment with different outfits, I can imagine the benefits of it when you’re in a rush or if you simply don’t know what to style it with. You basically get a portable stylist with you! 


I must say that my experience with The Dark Knot was highly enjoyable. Combining quality with service are two things that always work in my book. A tie from The Dark Knot is more than just a tie. It’s a whole experience packed within a box. I truly recommend you guys to try them out for yourselves! 



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